3 bottles carton box





Colur: Yellowwish green.

Nose: Cascade of herbaceous, fruity and floral aromas. Aroma of fresh-cut grass and almond. Vegetables: Peppery, tomato leaf and artichoke stalk. Predominant medium fruitiness and intense freshness, green and ripe. Fragrance of flowers: jasmine and orange blossom, fruits: green and ripe banana, and green apple.

Mouth: Green and intense medium ripe fruity, slightly pungent and pleasant bitterness conveying sweetness and balance. Harmonious, good length and juicy on the palate.


  • Carton box of 6 bottles in 2 cases.
  • Carton box of 18 bottles in 6 cases.
  • Carton box of 6 bottles without cases.




Data sheet

Origin: Oil from La Rioja. Protected Designation of Origin “Aceite de La Rioja”
Olive variety: 100% arbequina cultivated under strict ecological agriculture.
Yield: Limited production yield (no more than 3.000 Kg de oliva/ha. with 19% fat content) which, combined with the particular land characteristics, allow us to achieve a sublime extra virgin olive oil.
Pressing: By mechanical process only, immediately after harvest.
Extraction: Cold process, below 22 ºC. to guarantee retention of vitamins and aroma, and to achieve a supreme quality oil cream.
Bottling: Without filtering to conserve exceptional sensory qualities. Small sediment may appear.
Grade: Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The quality of Karey Oil es determined by climate, soil, a healthy olive, immediate grinding of the olive upon collection, elaboration by cold extraction, and suitable storage under constant temperature conditions. It is, therefore, an oil of maximum quality in all senses, in terms of cultivations and of painstaking elaboration, retaining many more characteristics as it has no chemical waste.

From a gastronomic point of view it es a real gourmet delight.


Conservation: Keep in a closed place an out of direct sunlight at between 15º and 20º.

Analytical composition
Humidity and volatile materials: 0,15%
Acid value: 0,10% oleic acid
Peroxide value: 2,60 meq de 02/kg
UV absorption (K270): 0,12
UV absorption (K232): 1,67
Total insoluble impurities: < 0,1%
UV absorption (Delta-K): < 0,01

Estimated total wax content less than 80,6 mg/kg.